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The Wildcats are having a reunion, and there's one seat left for you! Click here to find out how you can support GimmeMo and enter for a chance to win a trip to LA.
You may know her from High School Musical or Dancing with the Stars, but this actress turned philanthropist has taken on a new role to empower this generation of youth. Follow the Mo'vement at


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If women dominate higher education, why does a gender gap in workforce pay still exist? A short but smart discussion of why.

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Monique Coleman on StarCam Radio 1 Year Anniversary Episode!

Actress, dancer, singer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Monique Coleman of High School Musical fame will join Jennifer Tapiero on tonight’s special 1 year anniversary episode of StarCam Radio! Plus, there will be some special guests calling in to the studio!

Join me tonight!

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Muslims In Libya Condemn Violence, Apologize To Americans




A gay couple in Argentina have plenty to celebrate after welcoming a healthy baby boy into their lives.Tobias, a baby a few weeks of life, has become the fist child in the world with two dads legally recognized.


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